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Two lives blending together into one!

If you are wanting to incorporate something unique and symbolic into your wedding ceremony, maybe you should consider a Sand Ceremony!

It is known as a type of unity ceremony, and expresses the coming together of two people or two families, who are joining together to become one new family. It is a simple idea, but can be quite powerful when done right. Typically, each person has a different coloured sand ( ideally from their home town or a significant lake/beach location) and they take turns at pouring it into one clear vessel, which forms a layered effect. It varies who does the pouring; often it's just the bride and groom, but you can also choose to incorporate parents and family members - its entirely over to you!

And apart from being a neat thing to include in your ceremony; one of the best things (I think anyway), is that you are then left with a beautiful keepsake to display somewhere pretty, to look at often to remind you of your wedding day. Want to know more about unique wedding and ceremony rituals and ideas? I'd love to help - get in touch with me, Donna, at Love + Marriage!

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